Julien Mier - When Will They Wake Up 12"

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"Dutch tunesmith Julien Mier dropped his Jane's Junkyard EP back in June, and today, he shares a fervently geometric video for"


"Koji Aramaki created this striking glitchy abstract geometric animation for Julien Mier's track"


"I have written about Mr Mier before, back in August, namely his song 'Porcelain Dust', which came from his LP Jane's Junkyard released earlier this year. It was a glitchy affair that was awash with lush, clattering percussion - a rich yet close-to-delicate sound. An interesting take on things, that's for sure. And what's better than interesting? Well, not much. Interest in stuff is what holds your attention; interest breeds"
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"This is a fantastic video fresh out of the box from the King Deluxe stable. A creation that fills sight and sound senses perfectly...... We are big fans of the King Deluxe label and we knew this one was coming out around the time of our Festival launch - and what a video it is! The track is delicate and understated, yet packed with so many elements. The video more than compliments this, with bursts of animated shapes that somehow bring every note and pore of the music (does music have pores?) to life."


"Colourful, beats-driven electronica from Dutch dude Julien Miers backed with tasty Kettel remix and more from Gillepsy and Sun Glitters. Miers' 'Super Tropic Tramp' does that woozy, wheezing chords and slumpy bump thing neatly on the Dorian Concept-esque 'Super Tropic Tramp'; Gillepsy gives 'Watecolour Sky' a squidgy, jazzy P-fonk lope; Sun Glitters turns 'Glide, Sail, Float' into a gauzy midnight trip hop moment, contrasting with the piquant sweetness and clarity of Kettel's deft and warmly exotic interpretation of the same cut."


"This week’s short shot features the astonishing video for Julien Mier’s latest single, Super Tropic Tramp. Mier, a Dutch music composer and producer, has been making music since he was young. He gets his inspiration from experimental music his dad used to play to him when he was young, and music he listens to himself right now: Bibio, Radiohead and music from the Brittish composer John Hopkins. As soon as the Canadian label King Deluxe found his music on Soundcloud, they wanted to sign him. Now, he has released his first EP ‘When Will You Wake Up, and Super Tropic Tramp is one of the songs featured on the record. Animators Koji Amaraki and Hiroki Kato are responsible for the amazing video for it. Colourful geometric figures floating around, changing and changing, mesmerising the audience."

Short Shot

"Julien Mier does it again with the release of When Will They Wake Up, featuring his new song Super Tropic Tramp and a plethora of remixes of Watercolour Sky, Glide, Slide, Float and Je T’ecoute by Gillepsy, Sun Glitters, Kettel, Alphabets Heaven, Sanctums, Axel Thesleff and Sam a la Bamalot. Each remix has it’s own qualities of distinction, either residing in jazzy tendencies or more downtempo aesthetics, but my favourites would have to be Gillepsy, Alphabets Heaven and Sam a la Bamalot’s remixes."

Aftr Drk

"Sometimes I hear a remix of a song before I've heard the original. This one by Alphabets Heaven is an example and it happens to be that I like this remix even more than the original song! The Brighton-based producer is known for his sort of organic sounds and bleeps that fits perfect to this track."